Booster Board

The Westview Theatre Boosters is the volunteer, parent-run booster organization for the WVTC. Booster board meetings are held about once per month at the Westview Theater, and are open to all parents and students. Meeting topics include production support, program support, finances and fund raising, parent involvement, and student welfare. Board positions are filled in the spring or as needed.

For the next Booster Board meeting date, check the WVTC Master Calendar.

2022-23 Booster Board

  • President – Katherine Dahl

  • Treasurer – Valerie Azcona

  • Membership Secretary – Amie Butman

  • Communications Team – Becky Biegelsen, Melissa Davis, Heather Schaefer Dillon

  • Box Office Coordinators – Heather Schaefer Dillon & Debbie Ditter

  • Concessions Coordinator – Jennifer Cockerham

  • Stargrams Coordinator – Kelly Woo

  • Show Week Dinners Coordinator – Suzanne McGuire

  • Spirit Wear Coordinator – Hilary Mattes

  • Field Trip Coordinator – Katherine Dahl

  • Banquet Coordinator – Suzanne McGuire

  • Historian – Melissa Davis

  • Auditor – Michelle O’Connor-Ratcliff